Since the founding year of 2009, the main focus is the engineering, design and procurement of systems for a healthy and clean working conditions together with the desired temperature and relative humidity values of manufactuing industry, energy industry and commercial sites.

Provides Engineering and Procurement services to projects in Turkey countries withthe a wide range of representation rights of leading brands in HVAC industry.

Experienced team provides Procurement and Consulting services for the projects in Oil, Gas and Energy industry.

By focusing on procurement ofcorrect quality products together with the long experience in Import, Export and Transit Trade, the ultimate aim is to provide a strong Supply Chain Management service with highest ethical and professional standards.


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Çözümlerimiz sayesinde daha sağlıklı yaşam ve çalışma ortamları oluşturun.

Çevreyi Koruyun

Ventek sizi ve çevreyi korur. Sağlıklı bir gelecek için çözümlerimizi inceleyin.

Profesyonel Hizmet

Size özel çözümler üretelim, projelendirelim ve uygulayalım.