UV Blue is Green Technology

Fresh Aire UV products support health and energy savings.

Saving on energy and maintenance costs, increased system life.

Fresh-Aire UV antiseptic UV lamps support low energy consumption, less maintenance costs and increased equipment life in a wide range of applications.

The systems where these products can be applied are heating systems, ventialtion and air conditioning systems (HVAC), fan-coil units, mini split air conditioners, air handlings used in commercial buildings, ice machines and hoods.

LEED Accreditation

Fresh-Aire UV technologies meet the accreditation requirements for LEED indoor quality and certification, with less energy usage and less system maintenance and cleaning with hazardous chemicals.


Fresh-Aire UV applies sustainability studies on its manufacturing.

Marketing materials

Printed on environmentally friendy paper with using environmentally friendlt ink in all Fresh-Aire UV marketing activities. Most of the advertisements are not paper-based but electronic.

Manufacturing materials with recycling program

The materials used in productions process are recycled scrap copper wire, aluminum, UV-C lamps, electronic circuit board, paper, plastic and cardboard.

Product recycling.

Fresh-Aire UV is developing systems for reproduction of returned UV-C lamps from consumer.

Energy Saving

Fresh-Aire UV has implemented the following programs at its Jupiter Florida facility.

• SEER, high variable speed HVAC system in offices and facilities.

• With the esthablisment of purification and filter systems with UV-C lamps, reducing mold and oxidation in air conditioning systems, saving 5-8% electricity bills, while also reducing the workday loss due to illness with increased indoor air quality.

• Installing programmable thermostats.

ENERGY STAR compliant electronic ballast and CFL lamps installed throughout the building.



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