O.N.100 Odor Neutralizer

Purified Air use patented technology to scientifically treat cooking odours emitted bycommercial kitchen and restaurant exhausts. Once the airstream in the exhaust duct has hadthe majority of the particulate contaminates removed by one of our ESP units the gaseous phase or malodour can then be treated bythe O.N. 100.

The vapour from a specially blended neutralising agent ELIMINODOR is mixed with ambient air drawninto the O.N. 100 and ionised to a negative potential of 15,000 volts. This ionised vapour then passes along a nonconductive tube to be discharges into the centre of the duct via a venturi spigot, the metal ducting is earthed through the same high tension circuit which maes the contaminant at an opposite potential to the negatively charged ELIMINODOR vapour. This then causes the negative and positive particles to combine, so treating the malodour by chemical reaction.


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